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I've created a C# application that I want to deploy across multiple machines. Simple enough except for the fact that I need to make sure that .NET 3.5 is installed on the users machine, and if not, have it install silently. All the guides I found talked about how to create a distributable C# app installer but not how to install the .NET. Creating a Simple Setup. In this tutorial, we will create a C# Windows Form Application and then use WiX to create an installer for the application. Step 1: Create the C# Windows Form Application. Click File, then select New, then select Project. Choose the Visual C# node in the Project Types tree, then select Windows Forms Application. Name your application MyApplication and press OK. Step. In this article you will learn how to create a setup file for desktop application to install software on the client machine using Visual Studio 2010. Why Join Become a member Login C# Corner. Post.

It will install specified .dll and SQL script files at particular locations by reading config file values (We will configure .dll & Sql script locations in this file). The same powershell script has uninstallation code to rollback particular chage set. Is there any option or mechanism to create Windows installer for above requirement Later, uninstalling the application creates a reference to a new Installer instance, meaning that the Uninstall method is called by a different instance of Installer. For this reason, in your derived class, do not save the state of a computer in an installer. Instead, use an IDictionary that is preserved across calls and passed into your Install, Commit, Rollback, and Uninstall methods. Two. This article is about the deployment process of WPF application using Visual Studio Installer Template. In this article, you will learn to create an installer setup for a WPF application which you can use to distribute your desktop software product Create a WiX setup project. For this tutorial let's start from an empty Wpf application, and once we got the installer ready, we will add more features. So the first thing is to open up Visual Studio and create a new Wpf Application (File -> New -> Project, Select Visual C# -> Windows Desktop -> Wpf application)

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This Video Will Show you how to Create an Installer for your Application softwareIf you'd like to support FreeLearning Please Consider donating To:https://ww.. And add a Setup Project by Other Project Types -> Setup and Deployment -> Visual Studio Installer as in the following: The project will be added to the solution. Now open the file system editor by clicking on the project and select the option to open the file system editor, as shown in the following figure Create an Installer. The next thing we have to do is to create an Installer, which is the component that will register our Service with the Service Control Manager. To do that, right-click on the blank area in the Design View of the Service1.cs file and select Add Installer from the contextual menu, as shown in the screenshot below: Once you do that, a new ProjectInstaller.cs file will be. In this video I will show you how to create an executable file of windows form application with sql server database, crystall reports and other prerequisites..

In this video, we are going to look at how to create a Windows Service in C#, how to run and how to install it. Windows service is a computer program that ru.. Add SetUp Project installer installer to vs 2017 & 2019. How to add set up project installers and project to c# project and installation fil

Create Setup Project for Window Service Go to the Solution Explorer and right-click on the solution, go to Add > New Project. Open a dialog box, go to left pane under Installed Templates > Other Project Types > Setup and Deployment > Visual Studio Installer and go to the right pane and select the project as a Setup Project and click on the OK button. Custom actions add to setup project. Create Setup Project (.exe The Visual Installer installation tool can be used to create an installation package for a Visual C# application. Visual Installer can import a Visual C# project file (a .CSPROJ file) or a Visual Basic solution file (a .SLN file) and create an installer for it. All versions of Visual C# since 2005 (including the latest 2019) are supported Creating an MSI/Setup Package for C# Windows Application Using a Visual Studio 2. Setup Project. In this article I would like to explain a step by step process to create a windows application and a setup installer for the same in a very simple manner, that is easy to understand and follow knowing that there are a number of other ways to do the same thing. Introduction. There are number of ways.

Here we will learn how to create installer file for windows application in c# using visual studio with examples or create setup file for windows form application in visual studio in c# with example. By using setup project in visual studio setup and deployment section templates we can easily create installer or setup file for windows application in c# Creating an MSI/Setup Package for C# Windows Application Using a Visual Studio 2. Setup Project. Introduction. There are number of ways provided by Microsoft to create a setup project for windows application. But when I started to create one, I got nothing but queries and confusions of how to start and where to start. There are numerous articles I found explaining to create a setup project. Home. Installers. How to Create an Installer with Microsoft Visual Studio. How to Create an Installer with Microsoft Visual Studio. Andy1 December 2011Installers, Windows33 Comments. Introduction. Visual Studio 2010 contains a package that enables you to create Windows installer files for your applications. Follow these simple steps to build.

To create a simple installer with NSIS, we should start learning the NSIS scripting language. The idea is that we create a single (or multiple) file (s) that contain (s) the script instructions. Then we ask the NSIS compiler to compile the file and create a setup executable file So, can someone point me to some documentation, tutorial, or give me some hints on how I can create my own installer for a project I've finished? Preferably, I'd like to design my installer as a WPF application. P.S. I have looked at Wix, NSIS, etc. but I want to do my own UI not like those. (Kind of like how Autodesk, and many games have their own installer that is much prettier than the. Mai 2012, 11:41 in C#, Visual Basic, .Net. Wie kann man aus seinem C# programm heraus eine .exe datei erstellen? z.B. für ein (natürlich legales) RAT-Tool, das einen nach der IP vom Server fragt und einem dann vom Programm 'ne passene .exe erstellt wird. Hab schon 'ne ganze zeit gesucht aber nur beiträge gefunden, wo leute nicht wussten was. Hi! I'm having a problem that SHOULD be simple to solve: The only thing I want to do, is create a folder (other that my app folder) called: C:\[FOLDERNAME] on my C-drive. How do I do this in a Setup Project? Whenever I choose to create a Custom Folder in the project it seems like Visual · That is actually in accurate Kjaer, what it would be is.

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  1. Creating a Windows Service. Creating a Windows Service is quite easy. Let's get started. Start Visual Studio and create a new Windows Service project in either C# or VB.NET. You find this project type under the Windows Desktop section, as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1: Windows Service
  2. g its operation. I will develop the service using the C# as language. This article is.
  3. C# : Create Setup project which also include multiple applications in one setup. Hi Friends, I have prepared below steps with snap shots that you can follow very easily to create the setup project. This will also tell about how to create setup project which includes multiple application. Moreover it also covers all the possible custom actions, registry keys and custom dialogs that you can add.
  4. How to create a setup project for a Windows Service application in Visual C#. Create Simple Windows Service And Setup Project With Installation. How to create an installer for a .net Windows Service using Visual Studio. Hope this helps! Regards, Stanly. Note: This response contains a reference to a third party World Wide Web site. Microsoft is providing this information as a convenience to you.
  5. ASP.NET - Create MSI or setup.exe installer for any .NET Project with WiXHow you can use the open-source WiX toolset to create a MSI or Setup.exe installer package for your ASP.NET projects to ensure a smooth install experience to your users. April 13, 2019January 7, 2021- by Ryan- 1 Comment10.6K. ShareTweetPin ItShare
  6. C# Tutorial - Create a simple Platform game in visual studio. start a new project, Choose windows form application in C# and name it platformgame. In the properties window change the setting to Size - 500, 650 and Text to Platform Game. Add your first picture box to the form. Change the back colour to Brown . Change TAG to platform. Now you can scale the picture to go across the floor.
  7. The setup project is use to create a windows installer (.msi) file that will install your application. Setup.exe - This bootstrapper program can check for and intall the necessary pre-requisites. Wont automatically check that the client has the necessary pre-requisites. Wont automatically create the necessary permissions. Setup Project Propertie

In order to create Setup project, it is needed to install an extension from Microsoft, by using the Extensions and Updates tool option in Visual Studio. Search for the word 'installer' for easy location, then download and install. The second required tool is Orca, which comes in the Windows Platform SDK. Orca is a generic tool for opening several database files used by the Windows. Let's take a look at how to install and use C# 9 today. Make sure to stick with me until the end, where I show you one of the new C# 9 features. First, let's take a look at the steps we need to take to make C# 9 working on our system. There is an article in the Microsoft Docs about C# language versioning that helps us a lot. There is a lot of interesting information about what C# version. Creating an MSI Package for C# Windows Application Using a Visual Studio Setup Project. Posted by Akhil Mittal Download Source Code. Introduction. There are a number of ways provided by Microsoft to create a setup project for windows application. But when I started to create one, I got nothing but queries and confusions of how to start and where to start. There are numerous articles I found. Click Install, and wait for the setup to complete. Once complete, click Exit to finish the setup. Create the WiX setup project. Open the TestService solution we created in the last post. Right click on the TestService solution, click Add, and then click New Project. In the Add New Project dialog, click on Windows Installer XML, and choose Setup. Create Windows Services in C# In this post, we go over how to get started using C# and .NET by creating a basic Windows service with these technologies. b

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  1. Creating a C# custom actions project. Once all the necessary tools are installed, the following steps must be followed: 1. Start Microsoft Visual Studio. 2. From the Menu bar select File > New Project. 3. From the New Project dialog select WiX project type and C# Custom Action Project
  2. An interface cannot contain a constructor (as it cannot be used to create objects) Why And When To Use Interfaces? 1) To achieve security - hide certain details and only show the important details of an object (interface). 2) C# does not support multiple inheritance (a class can only inherit from one base class)
  3. Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects. This extension provides the same functionality that currently exists in Visual Studio 2015 for Visual Studio Installer projects. To use this extension, you can either open the Extensions and Updates dialog, select the online node, and search for Visual Studio Installer Projects Extension, or you can.
  4. Using the WiX Toolset to create installers in Visual Studio C# projects. Here is some of their online documentation: Here is a quick and concise guide to set up using the WiX Toolset in a Visual Studio project, in order to create installation packages, from start to finish
  5. Creating an MSI/Setup Package for C# Windows Application Using a Visual Studio 2010 Setup Project. by Akhil Mittal · Jun. 03, 15.

Creating an EXE Installer that Bundles Prerequisites (this one) Creating Custom Actions to Simplify Tasks; Background . Installers are great, but directing a user that they need to look up and install a framework is a lot for an average user. Even directing them to the website where they can download it can be overwhelming for some. With Wix#, it becomes easy to add in a list of packages to. I am trying to install an application from my C# code. I have the exe file and I want to install silently without knowing to the user. Clicking 'Next', 'Finish' buttons should be handled internally. I was trying to use the Process class, I could able to run the exe but do not know how to make it silent. Could any one help me? Posted 27-Aug-12 20:16pm. Pradeep Kumar G M. Updated 3-Apr-19 6:18am. Step 10) In Visual Studio IDE, you can navigate to File menu to create new C# applications. That's it to Visual Studio for C# installation. Visual Studio Key Features. Creation of an application in any .Net language- The Visual Studio IDE can be used to create an application in any .Net language. Hence, a developer can use C#, VB.Net or even F# to develop an application. Creation of any.

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After the first installation step, we see the familiar installation screen where we can include various workloads to be installed with our Visual Studio 2019 Preview installation. Because we want to create a C# console application using the latest .NET Core framework, we choose the .NET desktop development and the .NET Core cross-platform. The C# support in Visual Studio Code is optimized for cross-platform .NET Core development (see working with .NET Core and VS Code for another relevant article). Our focus with VS Code is to be a great editor for cross-platform C# development. VS Code supports debugging of C# applications running on either .NET Core or Mono

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Create Installer for C# application. We have a C# application in the form of a [url removed, to view] solution that has a webservice that needs to be installed as well as the creation of a sql database. I would like a recommendation on a good, well-known installer package that we can use for this and all other applications, and then I would like the coder to write this first installer. Create a C# Project with Visual Studio Code In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a C# project and run it in Visual Studio Code. There are three pre-requisites before you can actually get started with this tutorial. Install Visual Studio Code. Install .Net Core. Install C# plugin for Visual Studio Code. Once all the above requirements are met, we can proceed with the following steps to.

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For organizations. An unlimited number of users within an organization can use Visual Studio Community for the following scenarios: in a classroom learning environment, for academic research, or for contributing to open source projects. In non-enterprise organizations, up to five users can use Visual Studio Community Install the necessary packages for Selenium C# test automation in your operating system. Note: The license of the Community Edition expires after 30 days of usage. To extend the license, you should sign-in to the IDE. Signing-in also lets you use the other powerful features of Visual Studio such as pushing source code to private Git, syncing Visual Studio settings, and more. Downloading. Creating your First Project. Click on Create a new Project. Here you get to choose the various Project Templates that are available in your Visual Studio Installation. For now, Let's go Simple! Search for Console App (.NET Core), make sure it is in C#, not something else,and click Next. Let's give your new project a name. What is a Project. Select the template Templates > Visual C# > Windows Desktop > Windows Service We rename the class Service1 to svcMyService and the name of the service My Service in the property grid opened: So, in the Solution Explorer, we rename the file Service1.cs of the service svcMyService.cs: The underlying files will be automatically renamed. The last step is to create a service installer. c# - tutorial - visual studio create installer So zeigen Sie die ClickOnce-Versionsnummer in Windows Forms an (6) Ich habe eine Windows Forms-Anwendung, die an zwei verschiedenen Standorten bereitgestellt wird

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  1. Five apps for creating installation packages. by Matthew Nawrocki in Five Apps , in Software on June 21, 2013, 6:23 AM PST Deliver a solid first impression and a clean installation with five.
  2. setup pages in the document. In the program, use the PrintDocument, PageSetupDialog, PrintDialog, PrintPreviewDialog controls. ⇑ Instructions 1. Create project. After creating the project, an empty form is created. The form class is called Form1. 2. Form development. Placement of controls on the form. Develop the main form of the program as.
  3. IronXL Creates C# Excel Files in .NET. IronXL is an intuitive C# & VB Excel API that allows you to read, edit & create Excel spreadsheet files in .NET with lightning fast performance. There is no need to install MS Office or even the Excel InterOp. IronXL fully supports .NET Core, .NET Framework, Xamarin, Mobile, Linux, MacOS and Azure. IronXL.
  4. Create an Excel file in C# without Microsoft Office or Third party plugins. What I'm about to say seems paradoxical, but the reality is that in open environments (as in PHP for example) it is often easier and we have less problems in creating or converting files in proprietary systems, compared to what happens on frameworks such as Microsoft.

Download Visual Studio Community, Professional, and Enterprise. Try Visual Studio IDE, Code or Mac for free today If you install an Advanced Installer version released outside your Maintenance Plan validity period, the product will switch to Trial mode. After testing the new features, you can simply revert to the previous version or extend your Maintenance Plan and keep using the latest release. Visual Studio Industry Partner . As a Premier partner the Advanced Installer team is working, together with. Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained with an example, how to create Excel file without installing Microsoft Office or Interop Library in C# and VB.Net. This article will illustrate how to make use of the free and open source ClosedXml library which is wrapper of OpenXml library. TAGs: C#.Net, VB.Net, DataGridView, Windows Form

Creating a Simple Setup. In this tutorial, we will create a C# Windows Form Application and then use WiX to create an installer for the application. Create custom Windows Installer (MSI) setup projects for Office add-in in Visual Studio. Create a simple installer from Visual Studio. From the New Project dialog of Visual Studio select Visual C# project type. Want to watch this again later. Description: In previous post I explained create windows forms setup file in c#, vb.net, setup local website with custom url in asp.net, install windows service using command prompt with example many articles relating to asp.net, JQuery, and SQLServer etc. If we did any application and if it works perfectly then we will prepare published files and deploy our application in IIS

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Download and install; Create your app; Run your app; Try the counter; Add a component; Modify a component; Next steps; Intro. Purpose. Build your first web app with Blazor. Prerequisites. None. Time to Complete. 10-15 minutes. Scenario. Create, use, and modify a simple counter component. +.. {}}. {}}.. Let's get started. I ran into an issue × Report an issue. If something went wrong and you. Other Ways to Create an Array. If you are familiar with C#, you might have seen arrays created with the new keyword, and perhaps you have seen arrays with a specified size as well. In C#, there are different ways to create an array: // Create an array of four elements, and add values later string[] cars = new string[4]; // Create an array of four elements and add values right away string. Creating a Calculator Visual Studio C#: This Instrucable will guide you through creating a basic calculator application in C# using Microsoft's Visual Studo development software. Visual Studio is a form of development software made by Microsoft to help developers create programs mo If you are looking for an efficient and free setup creator, you have just found it. Get rid of script based or other complex and time-consuming installation creators and let InstallForge demonstrate you its performance and unbelievable easiness. Save time and download InstallForge for free. News . InstallForge 1.4.2 has just been released addressing issues of version 1.4.1. Date: 2020-06-17. The Visual Installer installation software can import a Visual C# project created with Microsoft Visual Studio and create a redistributable setup package of it. Visual Installer supports project files created with Visual Studio / Visual C# 2005 to 2019. So if you are a C# developer / programmer, you will find Visual Installer very useful; regardless of which version of Visual C# you use for.

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Creating a Windows Service with C#/.NET5. Alexandre. February 10th, 2021. Windows Services. Windows Services have been a foundation of Windows since Windows NT. They help users, or system admins, manage long-running programs that execute in their own Windows sessions. It is fairly trivial to set them up and start whenever the computer boots, for example. Since they can be completely UI-less. To install the driver, we'll go through Nuget and download the package. 1. · Create a C# console application using Visual Studio. · Connect our application to MongoDB. · Learn how to. myCSharp.de - das größte und aktivste deutschsprachige C# Forum! Die .NET CONF 2021 Focus on Windows startet am 25.Februar um 17 Uhr!. Die .NET Conf: Focus on Windows ist ein kostenloses, eintägiges Livestream-Event mit Sprechern aus der Community sowie direkt von Microsoft, die an Windows-Desktop-Apps arbeiten und diese mit dem neuesten .NET 5 fantastisch machen

2 Create C# application with SQL server 3 Make your C# app up to 100x faster In this section, you will get SQL Server 2017 on Windows. After that you will install the necessary dependencies to create .NET Framework apps with SQL Server. Step 1.1 Install SQL Server. If you don't have SQL Server 2017 Developer (or above) installed, click here to download the SQL Server exe. Run it to start the. C# - ValueTuple. C# 7.0 (.NET Framework 4.7) introduced the ValueTuple structure, which is a value type representation of the Tuple.. The ValueTuple is only available in .NET Framework 4.7. If you don't see ValueTuple in your project, then you need to install the ValueTuple This will create a new Windows service project in Visual Studio. When working with Windows services, the two main classes you would need are the service and the service installer classes. The service class is the main service file; this would typically contain all that your service is supposed to do. The other class is the service installer. How to create Crystal Reports installer using Merge Modules Crystal Reports uses merge modules to ensure the correct report components and assemblies are installed with your deployment project. A merge module is a set of components that are merged with a Windows installer for applications that need them

Everything in C# is associated with classes and objects, along with its attributes and methods. For example: in real life, a car is an object. The car has attributes, such as weight and color, and methods, such as drive and brake. A Class is like an object constructor, or a blueprint for creating objects. Create a Class. To create a class, use the class keyword: Create a class named Car. This is done with standard Microsoft Windows Software Deployment technology: A MST file is created based on the installer-contained MSI file. This MST file is provided with the execution of the installer on the client machine. To find information about valid parameters, see the administration guide, chapter 4.5 Installation of Desktop Connection for SAP CRM on Client, subchapter Installing. I would like to create a Portable EXE of this installation. That is to say, everything... Ilmoita projekti . Löydä . C# -ohjelmointi C# -ohjelmointi. C# create VPN server: Safe + Effortless to Install In Difference to other Preparations cuts c# create VPN server extremely good off . Looks one Narratives to, you can without Problems recognize, that the Means keeps what it promises. This is remarkable, because most other Companies continuously bad judged be. And I have truly already countless such Products met and tested. It's genuine sun.

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See the Hello World in 10 minutes tutorial to install .NET and build your first app. Windows Linux macOS Docker.NET 5.0 (recommended) Current .NET is a free, cross-platform, open-source developer platform for building many different types of applications. Download .NET SDK x64. Download .NET Runtime . All .NET downloads.NET Core 3.1 LTS .NET Core is a free, cross-platform, open-source. A framework for building web apps and services with .NET and C#. Get Started Download. Supported on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Web Apps. Build full stack web apps with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and C#. APIs . Develop REST APIs for a range of clients, including browsers and mobile devices. Real-time. Enable bi-directional communication between server and client, in real-time. Microservices. Create. In C#, the System.Threading.Thread class is used for working with threads. It allows creating and accessing individual threads in a multithreaded application. The first thread to be executed in a process is called the main thread. When a C# program starts execution, the main thread is automatically created Creating an IE add-on installation package automatically. To create an installation package for Windows Installer, you start the setup project wizard via the context menu of your IE add-on project. The wizard allows specifying all sorts of description strings as well as the location and localization of the setup project Start the Visual Studio installer and select Update if that is an option. Scaffold Your C# Blockchain Application. Start Visual Studio, then select Create a new project, and select the template ASP.NET Core Web Application and click Next: Enter BlockchainExplorer for Project name and click Create. Next, select the template Web Application.

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Install-Package Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.EventLog Create an instance of the EventLog class in C# To create an instance of the EventLog class and write an entry to the Windows Event Log, you. We create the C# Console application in Vs code with the help of .NET Core. Visual Studio Code (Vs Code) is optimized for cross-platform .NET Core development. Visual Studio Code is a lightweight but powerful source code editor which runs on your desktop and is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux - Unterstützung für C# und Visual Basic - Android SDK-Setup . Weitere Informationen zur Entwicklung für mobile Geräte mit .NET. Mobile-Entwicklung mit C++. Mobile Entwicklung mit C++. Entwickeln Sie plattformübergreifende C++-Apps für iOS oder Android. Entwicklungsanwendungen - Android Native-App - Importieren eines XCode-Projekts - OpenGL ES-Anwendung für Android und iOS. LinuxLive USB Creator erzeugt auf Windows-Systemen einen bootfähigen Linux-USB-Stick Advanced Installer is a Windows installer authoring tool for installing, updating, and configuring your products safely, securely, and reliably. Toggle navigation. Features; Analytics; Help; Community; Blog; Purchase; Download; Less scripting. More packaging. All-in-one Application Packaging Tool for Software Developers and IT Professionals. Download Trial Free for 30 days. All features.

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This download contains an ISO image of the Developing Applications in Visual C# .NET (CD1) training course provided by AppDev, the nation's leader in developer training You created your first C# + SQL Server app with .NET Framework on Windows! Check out the next section to create a C# app using an ORM! Step 2.2 Create a C# app that connects to SQL Server using the Entity Framework ORM in .NET Framework. Create a C# console application. Launch Visual Studio Community; Click File -> New -> Projec Consume existing cloud services, or create and deploy your own. Internet of Things. Make IoT apps, with native support for the Raspberry Pi and other single-board computers. Languages. You can write your .NET apps in C#, F#, or Visual Basic. Learn about .NET languages. One Platform. Your skills, code, and favorite libraries apply anywhere you use .NET. Learn about the .NET platform.NET 101.

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Create new project and select windows service (Visual C# / Windows / Windows Service). Enter the project name, e.g. MyService. View designer of the Service1.cs and click to Add Installer in the Properties window. It adds a ProjectInstaller­.cs file to the project. This file contains two components, a ServiceInsta­ller and a ServiceProces­sInstaller. Click to serviceInstaller1 and in. In c#, Property is an extension of the class variable and it provides a mechanism to read, write or change the value of the class variable without affecting the external way of accessing it in our applications. In c#, properties can contain one or two code blocks called accessors and those are called a get accessor and set accessor. By using get and set accessors, we can change the internal.

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In my previous article, I have given you an overview of our .NET Graphics API - Aspose.Drawing for .NET.Along with that, we have seen how to create images from scratch or draw graphics on existing images using C#. In this article, we'll go one step ahead and learn how to create 2D drawings by drawing various graphical objects within the .NET applications such as ASP.NET web application. Visual Studio Code supports Portable mode installation. This mode enables all data created and maintained by VS Code to live near itself, so it can be moved around across environments, for example, on a USB drive. See the VS Code Portable Mode documentation for details. Additional component

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During Visual Studio installation, the PIAs are automatically installed in a local file system. When you create a new Office project, Visual Studio adds references to the PIAs that are required to build the project. For Excel to be used in C# applications, we need to resolve the issue of interoperation between C# and Excel. An Excel application can be regarded as a COM server, so the basis of. 2 Create C# application with SQL server 3 Make your C# app up to 100x faster In this section, you will get SQL Server 2017 on Ubuntu. After that you will install the necessary dependencies to create .NET Core apps with SQL Server. Step 1.1 Install SQL Server. Note: To ensure optimal performance of SQL Server, your machine should have at least 4 GB of memory. If you need to get Ubuntu, check. 3 Ways to Create MSI Packages from EXE Installers. September 24, 2019 by Dan Kukarsky. As a system administrator you may need to have an MSI package at hand to deploy software on remote computers via group policies. Some applications, however, are available only in .exe format. Here are three easy ways to extract MSI packages from .exe installer files. Looking for an easy solution to fix. C# Programming & .NET Projects for €6 - €12. We have online web app which runs within a browser. We'd like to have a Windows Installer which would install app on Windows OS , Create Shortcut to Desktop and open webpage from within the native Win.. Create the best UX for your end users. Customize and extend the built-in functionality provided by Advanced Installer with your code, written in C#, C++, PowerShell, VBScript or by using our predefined custom actions. Beautiful and Easily Customizable GUI Create a unique and perfect UI for your installers using our WYSIWYG editor. Target International Markets Localize your installers to create.

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